We are looking for English teachers who are:

1.Patient, well organized, and enthusiastic with good communication skills
2.Hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher
3.A native English speaker

Job Description
1.20 classes per week (40 minute class). An overtime of $320/class is paid for a class exceeds 20 classes.
2.Monthly Salary of $48000 with insurance (health and labor) covered as per government requirements.
3.Working hours: 8am – 5pm (1 hour break), Monday to Friday

Job Application:
Date: 8/18~8/22
Application requirement:
1.Application form: (see attachment)
2.Criminal Records Declaration
3.Health Declaration
(Applicant must apply in person, but can fill in the form at school if assistance is required)

Job Interview:
Date: 8/22
Location: Hsin Gang Elementary School
Application included:
1.Interview (40%): A personal profile is required including CV, self-introduction, teaching profile, etc.
Teaching Demonstration (60%): A 10 minute listening and speaking based teaching. Please provide three copies of the lesson plan.


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